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First Day of Autumn, Ogunquit, ME

Along the Shore

Along the Shore

First Day of Autumn Ogunquit, ME

For only one day

to experience the ocean:

storm clouds have bundled

up into soft blankets,

settled along the horizon

leaving waves stirred

into white crests that roll

across wide expanses.

Wind whips their summits,

sends sea spray high

up to a sky of azure blue.

They crash gently against

the shore where sandpipers

on stick legs scissor

back and forth in front

of edges of foam.

Fine sand, pushed by breezes,

slides across the beach

in intricate patterns of tan.

A boat unfurls large sails, skims

beyond the strand to finally

disappear below horizon.

The air is cool, sun warms skin

on this first morning of autumn.

If I could spend only

one day by the sea

and you were here,

it would be enough.

Lainie Senechal

Published in the journal Ibbetson Street, Ibbetson Street Press, Somerville, MA 2009