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From the Cold

img-Y20192623-0004Fairy Lights Galaxy

From the Cold

From the cold comes
solemn clouds whose
heavy burden is released;
snowflakes sneak in slowly
then whirl in wild winds,
swirling like a galaxy of stars.

From the cold comes
the great, white owls
of the North who sit
silently in marshes and fields;
their large yellow eyes
scan for rodents in barren lands.

From the cold comes
mornings as crisp as cookies
dipped into hot tea
as we sit by the fireside
waiting for the sun.

From the cold comes
days hard as ice
that now covers the lake;
stills the waves;
quiets the flotillas of ducks.

From the cold comes
fishermen who drill
through frozen surface;
wait patiently in frigid breeze
for a tug on their line.

From the cold comes
long nights near the hearth
in patient contemplation
of our particular place
in the omnipresent joy.

Lainie Senechal

Into the Darkness


Into the Darkness

Into the winter darkness,
no bleakness nor despair;
an illumination, beneath
the sable sky, laced with tiny lanterns.
Long, night moon’s gentle glow
accompanies our journey;
day’s frenzied energy dissipates.
In evening’s quiet calm,
amidst silent sifting snow,
rose that is the heart opens;
we descend slowly into
the diamond mine of the soul.

Lainie Senechal

Light of the Beginning

img-Y20192623-0002Autumn Sunset

Light of the Beginning

“My soul had already brimmed with sunsets…”

-Juan Ramon Jimenez


Light of the beginning

touched the mountains;

touched the houses;

fell from the heavens

like a rush of water

to break into the crystal sea;

entered under the earth

where jewels lie sleeping;

switched on their brilliant sheen;

swept away the darkness

with the force of tornadoes.

This light you filled me;

I became your diamond.

Lainie Senechal