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On Plum Island

02Surf, Plum Island

On Plum Island

Over the tidal river,
along border of Great Marsh,
raspy rattle of redwing blackbirds
newly arrived from south
to establish territories in reeds.
An ascent up tall dunes
of this extensive barrier island
that secures the coast
from full assault launched
by fierce Atlantic storms.
Beach is nearly deserted
on a balmy spring day;
empty strand a protection
for piping plovers who strut
along edge of surf to search
for morsels left by tide.
Set up chair to relax
beside boundary of refuge;
a chain of clouds like
puffs from passing train
hover above the coast.
Gulls gather to squabble
over scraps deposited on sand.
A steady procession of vessels
enter and exit distant harbor.
Waves murmur mysteries
heard in distant realms.
Nothing perturbs the peace
of an April afternoon
and one’s thoughts are lost
in the reverie of sea, sky and shore.

Lainie Senechal

Moving Into the Green


Moving Into the Green

Green above, green below;

green runs around and beyond.

Grass shoots up a carpet of green,

tender leaves open into green,

branches drip tassels of green:

bright, brilliant emerald green;

dark, secretive hidden green.

Before dawn singing of green

that flies away at first light;

at night, scent of green

which inhabits our dreams.

Lainie Senechal






What will I write you about May?
I will tell of red-winged blackbirds
defending their territories in reeds
with a raucous refrain.

Or, I may attempt to explain
intense yellow hue worn
by wild mustard blooms
against grasses’ fresh green.

Or, maybe, I will describe
scent of lilacs which
arrive at senses though
blossoms are beyond sight.

Evening’s ocean breezes
loosen petals of cherry
which flutter through air,
land on path, as if strewn
by a flower girl.

Spring is hosting a wedding
which all are invited to attend.

Lainie Senechal