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Pulse of July

Summer RosesSummer Roses

Pulse of July

Pulse of July’s languid hours:

blueberries ripening to deep purple,

lilies aligned in colorful arrays.

Ivory egrets,with graceful steps,

scout among green marsh grasses

that bend in warmer winds.

Heat and humidity have arrived –

energy is lost to move one muscle.

When winter’s blast whitens land

regrets will arise for passing

of these pleasant summer days.

Lainie Senechal


Tanabata – The One Night & Announcement

The Moon WaitsThe Moon Waits

The One Night

Stars shake shiny dust

on path to rendezvous

which rises from leafy glade,

passes nebula’s smoky gases

that echo tall thunderheads,

travels beyond the black holes,

crosses the Silver River

for their annual meeting,

their one night of bliss.

Lainie Senechal

Lainie will exhibit paintings and read her poetry at this event:

Tanabata – The Star Festival

A group exhibition from July 9 – July 31.
Works inspired from the ancient legend of Tanabata.

Opening reception: Saturday, July 9th from 7 pm to 9 pm.
Poetry Reading from 8 pm.
As a special treat there will be a performance of a new play by Debra Weiss entitled “Untitled”   at Kaji Aso Studio, Boston, MA.