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A Request to May

Crab Apple TreeCrab Apple Blossoms

A Request to May


We require your cooperation;

April was a disappointment,

so fickle and fretful,

unable to secure a steady course.

Spring was, only occasionally,

in air, along with more snow.

Temperatures warmed, tentatively,

then plunged into frigid zone.

A few flowers made an attempt

to rise through still frozen soil.

Earth seemed to wake, stretch,

then return to slumber.

May, we are counting on you;

do not hold back, dive

headlong into a fresh season.

Bring on sweet scent of blossoms

in every hue and shade,

some mild breezes to ripple

through meadows’ greening grasses.

Paint sky an azure blue,

allow only a few billows.

Let feathered friends return

to establish boundaries, build nests.

Adorn bare branches with young leaves

where birdsong will cheer morning

and moonlight sparkle until dawn.

Move us forward into balmy days;

embrace a new direction.

You have our full support.

Lainie Senechal