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My Resolutions

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My Resolutions

To gaze upward; stare
at ever shifting sky;
keep my head in clouds
as they fly across
each facet of the moon.

To never neglect nuances
of various seasons:
first snowdrop to
don its ivory bell;
song sparrow’s sweet trill
in morning’s twilight;
sun’s shimmer on summer sand;
sea’s warm, salty embrace;
a yellow leaf that lands blithely,
ragged calligraphy of cormorants
across autumn’s dome;
solitary flake silently drifting
in brittle air of a frigid night;
frolic of flames in hearth.
These matters I will regard.

To exist in the twinkling of time;
cease memory’s constant churning;
abandon tomorrow’s anxious hours;
be mindful each minute
of every golden hour.


This poem was chosen has the featured entry (1 of 2 chosen) in January 2015 on the website  The judge, poet Mark Ward, says, “The standout line for me is ‘calligraphy of cormorants’ which is a wonderfully evocative image.  I also liked the use of alliteration throughout the poem.”

To M.H.

gramsPlace10th Anniversary


To M.H.
No longer do I play
tapes and discs made
when you plucked your guitar;
drank your whiskey.
No longer do I travel
to your tropical compound,
your artists’ Shangri-La
to paint in your gardens;
pen poems on your porch.
No longer do I take the bus
to Montreal, sun streaming in
to warm the winter day;
bathe us in a heavenly light
as we roll along the road.
No longer to I hang out
on Rue Sainte-Catherine;
wander directionless and droll
with light snow falling,
listening to Dylan, repeatedly,
sipping a large cup of cafe au lait.
The decision to cross the dark river
was yours alone.
The blues that haunted us
swept you away.
Your visits in dreams
are slowly dissolving;
at times, I long for your return;
a want which will never be fulfilled.
Lainie Senechal