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Rose in the Snow

December RosesDecember Roses
Rose in the Snow
Under mounds of snow

a red rose blooms,

love we cling to

through persistent winter.

Seasons have slipped by,

our treasured rose remains,

desire’s burning flame.

Time is abandoned but

not the constant allure.

Are we love’s buffoons?

We are each others’ passion,

frolicking in this distraction,

under an endless spell.

Reasons to relinquish

lie around our ankles,

amassed like snowbanks,

white as angel wings.

Evening approaches,

the rose still blooms

and heaven is amused

by our unflagging folly.

Lainie Senechal

White Pines & Announcement

Moonlight Through the PinesMoonlight Through the Pines

White Pines

Sentinels of lakeside,

veterans of many storms,

under blackened skies,

which crashed waves to shore.

Experienced in bearing

snows heavy burden,

with wisdom to capture

the pale winter sun,

when deciduous shells
stand silent, devoid

of all their leaves.

Possessing perches for eagles

and summits that
stretch to the sky.

Lainie Senechal
Announcement:  Lainie will be reading poetry at the Aurorean 20th Anniversary Poetry Reading and Celebration, Dec. 12 from 2-4 PM, at the Plymouth Public Library, 132 South Street, Plymouth, MA.