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Rising Spring

Daffodil Blossom

Daffodil Blossom

Rising Spring

The rising sun glows red -

gleams on the morning lake

as a sharp breeze from the sea

clears away night’s fog

and leaves nothing but

a trail of thin pink clouds.

The nearly absolute emptiness

of early spring is awoken by

a frenzied burst of color

and vibrations of myriad voices

which saturate the warming air

filling the soul with delight.

Lainie Senechal

Spring’s Promise

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

Spring’s Promise

Tonight I hear some sounds

after waking from a reverie.

Is it my neighbors’ voices

talking across their yards,

or the call of geese arriving

from the South for a stopover

to sleep before the journey North?

No matter, spring will not relent

in its steady stride forward,

despite our petty protests.

It is not concerned with

our measures or mortalities –

spring keeps it own promises

and will , after all, prevail.

Lainie Senechal