Daily Archives: February 12, 2015

Can We?

FernJanuary Morning

Can We?
Can we recover from
frequent tempests that
have stacked walls
of snow around us?
Scenery is solely white;
wind whips up a frenzy
of flakes that shroud
landscape in solemn coverlets;
secret our shrubs
under ghostly mounds
which haunt our daily lots.
Does the groundhog seek
his shadow? He is safely secure
in his underground domain.
Awake and weary, we await,
with deep trepidation,
the next storm.
Lainie Senechal
This poem was one( of two) featured entries the first week of February on the website hourofwrites.com. 
The judge, Nick Thorpe, wrote:   “My second honorable mention goes to “Can We”. I am a terrible, awful, borderline illegally bad poet, but I found this piece both haunting and moving. The style is reminiscent of a great orator, and I found the imagery powerful.”