Meteor Shower & Announcement

Deep RiverDeep River
Meteor Shower
Before dawn, under expanse

of universal dome, silver streaks

of fire ignite, reflect in lake’s

cool water, then disappear, diminished

into vast emptiness of space.

Dust particles, a comet’s refuse

that dwell in cosmic cloud,

silent and dark, until the time

when they burn with a desire

to immolate and fly free.

Lainie Senechal


Lainie will be reading in the following event at the Whittier Home, Amesbury, MA:

16th Annual Tapestry of Voices event will be held on August 16th in the Victorian garden from 3:00 to 4:30.

Whittier devotees Rhina P. Espaillat, Alfred Nicol, Harris Gardner, Lainie Senechal, Skye Wentworth, Edith Maxwell, Toni Treadway and Chris Bryant and Bill Plante will read selections of Whittier’s work, as well as those of his contemporaries, and perhaps some of their own.  And Cynthia Costello, past President of the Whittier Home will sing the Whittier selection, “O Brother Man” in honor of the end of the Civil War being celebrated this year.


An informal reception will follow the readings and light refreshments will be served. The poetry reading is free and open to the public.