October’s Last Love Song & Announcement

2Autumn Gleanings #1

October’s Last Love Song

The autumn sun sinks

color of leaves into skin.

The wind plucks sweet notes

from golden branches and

strums stalks of reeds whose

shaggy heads sway to the sound.

The melancholy romance

of October’s last song

is carried on currents

into depths of blue and

caught on ragged edges

of behemoth clouds that

travel to other places.

I cannot remain here

and I cannot depart;

I am wound in tendrils

of intense infatuation.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement: Lainie will be exhibiting works of art in a group exhibit at Prudential Center (Huntington Arcade – Winter Garden), Boston, MA from November 5 – November 21, 2015.  Opening Reception is Saturday, November 7th from 3 to 5 PM.

3 thoughts on “October’s Last Love Song & Announcement

    1. Lainie Post author

      Hi Byran,
      Thank you for your kind and gracious congratulations. I know you were also being considered for the poet laureate position. In addition, you have been actively presenting poetry in Amesbury. I want to support and promote your efforts. The reading you have organized for November 19th is great. I will attend and I will send out a notice about the reading. I know both Chris Warner and Tony Toledo.

      With appreciation,

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