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September Morning & Announcement

Two SunflowersSunflowers Awaken

September Morning

A morning of secrets –

a halo of mist rings

the cooling lake,

catches in branches

of tall trees along shore.

In some spots the sun

breaks through, bright

rays explode on ripples

created by rising wind which

cleans out remaining wisps,

pushes tethered boats

to rub and squeak against docks,

while a kingfisher rattles above:

the song of a September morn.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement:  Lainie will be exhibiting artwork with members of the Kaji Aso Studio at the Fenway Community Center, 1282 Boylston St., Boston. The exhibit runs from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31st with an opening reception on Sept. 16th from 3-5 PM.  Free and open to the public.

Fall Takes Another Step & Announcement

img-y01095351Autumn Wind

Fall Takes Another Step

Fall takes another step forward.

Blustery breezes leave branches empty –

all colorful leaves lost.

The trees do not miss them,

their thoughts curve away,
their productive season ends.

They will peacefully sleep

through claps of thunder snow

and winter’s wild winds.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement:   Lainie will exhibit her artwork in the 2016 Amesbury Open Studio Tour on Nov. 12th & Nov. 13th.  She will also hang 100 haiku along the tour route.

The Acorn & Announcement



The Acorn

A ping on picnic table,

a thump in humus,

a crack against granite outcrop,

a splash into fountains flow,

in autumn wind, leaves of oak

wave farewell to her children

who plummet down,

manna for inhabitants

of the forest below.

Squirrel scolds curious cat

for disturbing frenetic

gathering of bounty.

food for winter, freely

given, freely taken,

a pantry open to all.

I roam, unexpectedly,

the woods of childhood –

the place where

the great teacher dwells.

I beg for a sign of remembrance

to the devotee who loved so well.

On the path ahead lies a large acorn,

the sign of recognition,

passed secretly from healer

to healer in the Burning Times.

This tiny womb – a promise

and a gift for one who was

nurtured and is nurtured still.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement: Lainie hosts a poetry series at the Amesbury Public Library.  The next event is Wednesday, October 26th at 6 PM.  Alfred Nicol is the featured reader.

The Autumn Soul & Announcement

scan2-0001Moon, River and Whittier Bridge

The Autumn Soul

A slow shift of the sun

that fades incrementally from

Northern skies in a final

canopy of brilliant crimson.

No longer an early riser,

the day brightens gradually.

A few hot hours linger,

a melancholy for something

missed settles into

the autumn soul.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement:  Lainie will read her poetry at “The Arts and the Experience of Nature” event at the Joppa Flats Audubon Center. Newburyport, MA on Wednesday, October 19th at 7:30pm.

Mid-November & Announcement



Prodigal trees have strewn

a wealth of leaves

onto the the lawn

which overflows into beds

emptied of summer’s blooms.

Winter ducks return from Arctic,

energetically feed on water weeds

below lake’s cold surface.

We gather a hefty harvest

to relieve the want

of winter’s harshest hours.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement:  Lainie will be reading excerpts from Snowbound by John Greenleaf Whittier at the Holiday Open House at the Whittier Home, 86 Friend Street, Amesbury, MA. The Open House is from 1 to 5 PM on Sunday, Dec. 6.

Early November & Big Announcement


Lainie Senechal has been chosen by the Amesbury Cultural Council to be the first Poet Laureate for the City of Amesbury, MA.


1  Autumn Gleanings #2

Early November

Wind ruffles lake’s surface,

whose waves lightly pound

stones that line the shore.

A flock of yellow butterflies –

loosened leaves flutter in breeze.

Even black nights are bedecked

with bright diamonds.

No sudden changes to send

the howl of Arctic blasts;

mild November dances in

with utter delight.

Lainie Senechal

October’s Last Love Song & Announcement

2Autumn Gleanings #1

October’s Last Love Song

The autumn sun sinks

color of leaves into skin.

The wind plucks sweet notes

from golden branches and

strums stalks of reeds whose

shaggy heads sway to the sound.

The melancholy romance

of October’s last song

is carried on currents

into depths of blue and

caught on ragged edges

of behemoth clouds that

travel to other places.

I cannot remain here

and I cannot depart;

I am wound in tendrils

of intense infatuation.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement: Lainie will be exhibiting works of art in a group exhibit at Prudential Center (Huntington Arcade – Winter Garden), Boston, MA from November 5 – November 21, 2015.  Opening Reception is Saturday, November 7th from 3 to 5 PM.


Distant Shore Lake AttitashDistant Shore, Lake Attitash


To be alive

in leaf beautiful

misty golden time;

scent of wood smoke;

rich dirt lying

fallow until spring;

keen eye of hawk

circling brown fields.

Moments relinquished

like drifting colors;

no escape, a letting

go of all wants,

grateful to be free.

Soon, winter’s gray beard;

cold sinewy hands

will enter the land.

Lainie Senechal


First Day of Autumn, Ogunquit, ME

Along the Shore

Along the Shore

First Day of Autumn Ogunquit, ME

For only one day

to experience the ocean:

storm clouds have bundled

up into soft blankets,

settled along the horizon

leaving waves stirred

into white crests that roll

across wide expanses.

Wind whips their summits,

sends sea spray high

up to a sky of azure blue.

They crash gently against

the shore where sandpipers

on stick legs scissor

back and forth in front

of edges of foam.

Fine sand, pushed by breezes,

slides across the beach

in intricate patterns of tan.

A boat unfurls large sails, skims

beyond the strand to finally

disappear below horizon.

The air is cool, sun warms skin

on this first morning of autumn.

If I could spend only

one day by the sea

and you were here,

it would be enough.

Lainie Senechal

Published in the journal Ibbetson Street, Ibbetson Street Press, Somerville, MA 2009

Light of the Beginning

img-Y20192623-0002Autumn Sunset

Light of the Beginning

“My soul had already brimmed with sunsets…”

-Juan Ramon Jimenez


Light of the beginning

touched the mountains;

touched the houses;

fell from the heavens

like a rush of water

to break into the crystal sea;

entered under the earth

where jewels lie sleeping;

switched on their brilliant sheen;

swept away the darkness

with the force of tornadoes.

This light you filled me;

I became your diamond.

Lainie Senechal