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Sanctuary #2

Peaceful Moon

Peaceful Moon

Sanctuary #2

Winter needs no permission

for its collection of clouds

that carry snowy storms.

Our judgement may not

rejoice in the acceptance

of this season’s situation.

Some nights, however,

in the still, crisp air

the full moon spreads

its pale light over

the alabaster landscape -

brings a sense of sanctuary

to the troubled soul.

Lainie Senechal

Winter Moon & Announcement

img-430151036-0001Winter Solstice
Winter Moon

Winter moon peers

between branches,

as smooth as sticks.

Lost leaves that traveled

on the tireless wind

now lie along roads

or wind up in woods,

trampled by footsteps.

The moon’s enigmatic glow,

sensuous and ladylike,

softens the cold, still night.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement:  Lainie will present poetry and watercolors in the new exhibit  at the Kaji Aso Studio: Winter Branches, Winter Moon.  Opening reception is January 16 from 7PM to 9PM, 40 St. Stephen Street, Boston. MA.

Blue Moon

Blue MoonBlue Moon

Attitash Blue II

A desire to be the color

of the lake, tonight,

after the sun has set:

a deep blue leaning

so very slightly to purple,

blue of blueberries,

the blueberry blue
of Lake Attitash,

the lake of blueberries.

City days leave me scattered,

as autumn leaves depart

in every direction,

a need to gather myself,

a desire to be one color,

the color blue,

the color of blueberries,

the color of Lake Attitash

after the sun has set

into the lake of blueberries,

the blueberry blue

of Lake Attitash.
Lainie Senechal