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Pulse of July

Summer RosesSummer Roses

Pulse of July

Pulse of July’s languid hours:

blueberries ripening to deep purple,

lilies aligned in colorful arrays.

Ivory egrets,with graceful steps,

scout among green marsh grasses

that bend in warmer winds.

Heat and humidity have arrived –

energy is lost to move one muscle.

When winter’s blast whitens land

regrets will arise for passing

of these pleasant summer days.

Lainie Senechal


May’s Flower Moon

Blue FlowerIrises

May’s flower moon

dances in pre-dawn sky,

an angel of night,

a dream almost forgotten

when snow showered landscape.

Waves swerve into lane of light

which has landed across lake;

clouds only a smudge on horizon.

A progression of blossoms

burst into beauty then

retreat and fade

as season pushes forward

in phases of increasing warmth.

Lainie Senechal

Black-Eyed Susans

Black-Eyed SusansBlack-Eyed Susans

The Sirens of Route 101

(From news report – Epping, NH: Plantings in

median of Highway 101 snarls traffic.)

In between eastbound

and westbound we flourish.

As traffic whizzes by,

we take life in slow motion,

imperceptibly follow the sun

across the late summer sky;

festooned with brilliant petals

that surround our dark hearts

where seeds slowly ripen.

We entice the bees

then lure chickadees

and finches with our bounty.

However, here on Highway 101

drivers, mesmerized by

our seductive beauty,

abandon their commutes

to commune with blossoms

as if some old song,

barely remembered, has called

them home, again.

Lainie Senechal

This poem was published in the journal Ibbetson Street  #35, Spring 2014.