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Spring’s Slow Start

scan 2 -5.31.17Pink Blossoms

Spring’s Slow Start

A cover of gray clouds

mars the spring sky.

Season starts slowly,

sun is only a tease

as we wait for warmth,

for cool hours to close.

Blossoms, soft as

silken gowns, open

to stain lake’s surface

with pollen’s yellow streaks.

Bees stay busy

gathering the bounty

before it blows away

in the brisk vernal breeze.

Lainie Senechal

Spring Flows Forward

Daffodil PairPair of Daffodils
Spring Flows Forward
Goldfinches’ smooth feathers

of satin yellow reflect

the daffodils’ golden hue,

whose leaves, like spears,

plunge into fresh spring air.

The season flows forward

from blossom to blossom

each with a particular aroma

that perfumes the vernal breeze.

Spring reaches its full strength

intoxicating even newly awakened bees.

Lainie Senechal

Spring Rises & Announcement

Pussy WillowsPussy Willows

Spring Rises

Shoots of daffodils rise,

again, from frozen ground.

They have not forgotten

the time of season;

they dream of yellow

while tips of their stems,

like soft tongues,

are tempted to taste

the cool spring air.

Curtain descends on winter;

no stopping the progression.

Empty branches, which grate

against sturdy March winds,

bear rows of swelling buds.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement:  Lainie will host a reception for her exhibit of watercolors, The Language of Light, at the Provident Bank, 1Provident Way, Seabrook, NH from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

Late Winter & Announcement

Darl clouds 2Dark Clouds

Late Winter

Late winter wind that

howled through budding branches,

chased clouds from night sky,

is mum in morning’s first moment.

Dawn’s bright light phosphoresces

off long slabs of ice that float

randomly on lake’s slight waves.

Seagulls line up in a row, ready

for the ride, and watch with wonder

the enfolding of spring.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement: On March 23rd at 5:30PM there will be an opening for Lainie”s exhibit, The Language of Light, at The Provident Bank, 1 Provident Way (off of Lafayette Rd.), Seabrook, NH. Light refreshments.

Setting a Course to Spring & Announcement

amaryllis blossomsAmaryllis Blossoms

Setting a Course to Spring

Sun sets with golden shafts

along a still horizon.

Storm has slid out to sea,

only a stiff breeze remains

that shakes the tree limbs,

starts small white explosions

which settle across scene.

Now the blizzard has departed,

wood is gathered in,

a fire lit in stove.

Wind is not a worry,

the sails are set on a course

headed straight towards spring.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement: Lainie is exhibiting of her paintings at The Provident Bank,  One The Provident Way, Seabrook, NH from now though June. Artists reception on March 23rd, 5:30-7:30 PM.



May’s Flower Moon

Blue FlowerIrises

May’s flower moon

dances in pre-dawn sky,

an angel of night,

a dream almost forgotten

when snow showered landscape.

Waves swerve into lane of light

which has landed across lake;

clouds only a smudge on horizon.

A progression of blossoms

burst into beauty then

retreat and fade

as season pushes forward

in phases of increasing warmth.

Lainie Senechal

A Request to May

Crab Apple TreeCrab Apple Blossoms

A Request to May


We require your cooperation;

April was a disappointment,

so fickle and fretful,

unable to secure a steady course.

Spring was, only occasionally,

in air, along with more snow.

Temperatures warmed, tentatively,

then plunged into frigid zone.

A few flowers made an attempt

to rise through still frozen soil.

Earth seemed to wake, stretch,

then return to slumber.

May, we are counting on you;

do not hold back, dive

headlong into a fresh season.

Bring on sweet scent of blossoms

in every hue and shade,

some mild breezes to ripple

through meadows’ greening grasses.

Paint sky an azure blue,

allow only a few billows.

Let feathered friends return

to establish boundaries, build nests.

Adorn bare branches with young leaves

where birdsong will cheer morning

and moonlight sparkle until dawn.

Move us forward into balmy days;

embrace a new direction.

You have our full support.

Lainie Senechal