“Tanabata” The Star Festival

TANABATA   THE STAR FESTIVAL   July 11 – August 8, 2015

Lainie is a participating artist in The Star Festival, celebrating the Japanese legend of Tanabata, at the Kaji Aso Studio, Boston, MA.  She will present new paintings and poems based on the theme.

Opening: Saturday, July 11th  7-9PM.    Performances and poetry reading at 8PM.

Kaji Aso Studio, Gallery Nature and Temptation

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday 7pm -9pm; Friday 1pm -5 pm and by appointment.  

Address: 40 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA    617-247-1719     kajiasostudio.com

Emotions Swirl As Orihime Approaches

Emotions Swirl As Orihime Approaches

Orihime’s Question

Mosquitos swarm in soft night air

where she wanders alone;

observes, with the awe of a child,

stars as bright as flowers

glowing in silent space:

Cassiopeia’s Chair, the Great Bear

and path of Silver River traversing heaven.

Her heart is light as reunion nears;

she wonders, “Where is he tonight?”

“Does he also yearn for

their awaited rendezvous?”

Lainie Senechal