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April Fools

Tulips Searching for Spring

Tulips Searching for Spring

April Fools

Did spring come in

on a brisk March breeze?

The days warmed under azure skies.

Wood frogs rattled from their pool.

The river flowed swiftly

filled with a vernal flood.

There was hope for the start

of the new season, but April

has given us a tease – snow

and cold temperatures arrive.

As we move forward

into the new month,

we move backwards

into winter’s harsh days.

Lainie Senechal

Announcement: Lainie will have art and poetry in an online event, “Spring Awakenings”, on Saturday, April 6th, at 7pm. Link: www.kajiasostudio.com.

April Moon


April Moon

April Moon

The darkened sky opens to reveal

a quite full pink moon which was submerged

under waves of thick black and gray clouds.

Its brilliant light shines so softly on

the great sprays of gold forthysia

that spring straight up like large, loose feathers

from the base of each broad, sturdy bush.

At dawn the air is rich with bird song

while spring’s sweet breath wafts in gentle wind.

Lainie Senechal

Early April

Daffodil Buds

Daffodil Buds

Early April

In spring sun remnants of snow have melted,

dripped from roof’s edges, formed rivers on path.

Robins arrive in garden, search for worms

under last autumn’s decaying brown leaves.

The shoots of emerging daffodils stretch

their long, supple, green limbs to the clear sky -

gather armfuls of golden, solar rays.

Lainie Senechal